Tailwag Wednesday: Zeus’ Rescues

By Melanie Warner Spencer

Zeus Rescues Terrier-Rat Mix
Photo from ZeusRescues.org

We love dogs. We also love cats. Oh, and horses and squirrels and … OK, you get the picture. The Seersucker Creative team are animal lovers. We also love to help others, so we wanted to highlight the good work Zeus’ Rescues is doing.

Zeus’ mission is to eradicate pet homelessness and euthanasia. The all-volunteer group finds homes for pets pulled from local shelters.

Today, we are introducing you to Cow. He is an adorable, 9-year-old terrier-rat mix and obviously A VERY GOOD BOY.

You can buy items from the Zeus’ Amazon Wishlist or donate directly through the Zeus’ PayPal account. We set up monthly donations to Zeus’ awhile back and can tell you firsthand that you’ll feel like a darned good human after hitting the submit button. It’s way more fun than paying the gas and electric bill. Each month, when PayPal notifies us that our Zeus’ donation is about to drop, we scream “TAKE OUR MONEY!” at the cell phone notification. It’s not weird; You’re weird.

What, you don’t use PayPal? No problem! Email the Zeus’ folks and they will help you find a way to give them money. The whole shebang is powered 100-percent by volunteers and your simoleons. Greenbacks. Dough. Frogskins.

Volunteer. Donate. Adopt. Do good and share the good stuff.

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